Me? I’m Emile Pretorius. Chief Editor of Chicks-Dig-Scars.com.  DotCom nogal.

Most of the time I’m kidding around, so if you’re offended I’m probably fucking with you. A lot gets lost translation, so sit back and relax, the jazz police is not knocking on your window. Yet.

Some posts are serious though: I’m passionately anti GM foods, SA political corruption, shit service and marketing spam.

I’m also passionate about starting a new venture, climbing and sexy girls (see email address & instructions above 😛 ) , but that’s the fun and light-hearted bits, as I believe it should be.

I try to keep an open mind and to share. I believe if something scares you, you should do it.
Feel free to do the same, and remember the sharing bit 😛

Live long and prosper

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