Author: emile

Better late than never

Some fan mail arrived, long overdue of course, but that’s the SA Postal service for you 😛 Made my day, thanks a bunch!

Time flies like an arrow

Life’s been happening thick & fast this past week or two. I’m sorta settled in my new place, quite nice if I say so myself. Bit of a rush decision, but it worked out well in the end.

The Slashdogs

I once heard someone say that during times of hardship great music is made -judging by what I’m seeing on the SA circuit we’ve had a pretty shitty couple of years 😛 I just came across this clip from the…

Down by the train tracks…

…there’s a gem of a little pub called Steak and Ale, and a band called “Black Cat Bone” played a gig on their stage. A fitting description from their profile page:  “From the Silverton Swamps in the Far East of Pretoria comes…

Chiba Fly’s like reggae

Just a quick post about the awesome Chiba Fly. After first seeing them at a show at the Wolmer events arena, I kept an eye out for them, but they’ve been scarce. Caught up with them at Cool Runnings in Hatfield a couple of weeks back, and man, what a show.

Happy cleavage day

I had some trouble with my site, but as they say: better late than never 😛 If it’s black and white, it’s art….