Author: emile

Better late than never

Some fan mail arrived, long overdue of course, but that’s the SA Postal service for you 😛 Made my day, thanks a bunch!

Time flies like an arrow

Life’s been happening thick & fast this past week or two. I’m sorta settled in my new place, quite nice if I say so myself. Bit of a rush decision, but it worked out well in the end.

The Slashdogs

I once heard someone say that during times of hardship great music is made -judging by what I’m seeing on the SA circuit we’ve had a pretty shitty couple of years 😛 I just came across this clip from the…

Down by the train tracks…

…there’s a gem of a little pub called Steak and Ale, and a band called “Black Cat Bone” played a gig on their stage. A fitting description from their profile page:  “From the Silverton Swamps in the Far East of Pretoria comes…

Chiba Fly’s like reggae

Just a quick post about the awesome Chiba Fly. After first seeing them at a show at the Wolmer events arena, I kept an eye out for them, but they’ve been scarce. Caught up with them at Cool Runnings in Hatfield a couple of weeks back, and man, what a show.

Happy cleavage day

I had some trouble with my site, but as they say: better late than never 😛 If it’s black and white, it’s art….  


Read the letter from journalists, and the ANCYL’s amazingly mature response My favourite bit: “The ANC Youth League will never retreat from its programme to expose the possible corruption and tax fraud of any person in South Africa and will…

Bruised and bolstered ego

So I’m back at work after a very nice long weekend. We camped at Ezemvelo which is about 25km outside the town of Bronkhorstspruit. I did not try to check out the supposedly splendid bouldering there, but we did head out to Bronkies for some climbing.