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Instead of complaining about shit service etc, I thought I’d spare my blood pressure & note the worthwhile stuff

A new era

My new car

I picked up my new car yesterday and it’s perfect. Here’s to many road trips to come! PS: I’ll consider E-Tolls when they’ve jailed all the corrupt politicians, starting with Zuma.

Google Gags

Tried all these, most work in IE, all work in FireFox. Search for the following terms and see what happens: • Tilt • Askew • Do a Barrel roll • What Is The Loneliest Number • Where is Chuck Norris • Recursion • The next one you…

Save the Internet

From Avaaz: Dear friends, Today could be the day we save the free Internet. We’ve flipped the White House and Congress is on the back foot. Now Wikipedia’s blackout has pushed the US web censorship bills to the top of…