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All the stuff that should not be taken too seriously

Hold My Brandy, Watch This!!

Beauty 01

Last night we went to see a friend in hospital and on the way back stopped by an old dive we used to frequent a long time ago.

A boulder problem explained

New problem

Just for fun to give a person who has not done it before some idea of how solving a boulder problem works and perhaps some insight into why people would go through such a seemingly pointless exercise 😉

Friday comes early

3 hurrays for Friday

That’s it for me. I’m off for a long weekend, hope you guys had a good week.

Powered by SSIS


You have my long running SSIS package to thank for this post. Let’s just say it’s frustrating debugging something that takes 10 minutes before it crashes each time.

Counting daze

Leggy Woman

The un-final countdown to things I’m looking forward to. I give thanks that I may sit in a warm building and daydream while others are having a much harder time of it in this chilly weather.