All the stuff that should not be taken too seriously

What’s up with that guy?


Andy: Hey Pugs, whatsup? Pugsly: Yo Andisimo. No much hey. I see Emile is acting up – any idea what that’s all about? Andy: Mmmmm, not sure myself. I see he got himself another helmet. I mean like, is one…

W…T…F Emile?!


J.F.C. have you been dialing to many fax numbers bro? Have you been assimilated by a dial tone? Did you join the “staring at clouds” Facebook group? How many support group logos do you see here? Sorry for that oaks, I’ll sort the…

Random images


A big leak Rorschach test…..El saw a demon, Nea saw a Carebear. A fine afternoon while waiting for friends All work and no play

Just January

I’ve actively started “training” for the Warrior race. A strong word or the what I actually did. The result? I now know I’ve got a long way to go to calling myself fit, but I’ve also become quite motivated to…

Q&A with Emile

Yo-yo folks, it’s Andy here on a bright but chilly winter morning in the country’s capital. Today exclusively for ChickDigsScars.com we have with us Emile, the founder of the Chicks Digs Scars movement. We’re going to find what’s been happening, what’s going to happen and perhaps even solve the chicken and egg mystery.