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The Ocean Cleaup

Ocean Cleanup

Please go and have a look at the site ( ), it’s an amazing effort being made and it’s made possible by donations.

Water pollution report sends shockwaves though shale gas industry

“After this damning report, which follows other simmilar reports, it is no longer possible for those championing fracking to make the claim that they are unaware of documented cases of groundwater contamination”

Status update: Post mortem of a party

I’m finally done with the full-on party mode, at least for a while. It’s been fun, really fun, and I’ve met a bunch of awesome new friends. Several bunches actually and many of these people I hope to know for…

Stop Fracking in the Karoo

Don’t be polite, tell these people to fuck off. If we don’t stand together and in a united voice tell them and whoever follows to shove their drills where the sun don’t shine, we’ll lose the place forever. If you need any convincing, go google “fracking” and see how they have ALREADY destroyed many pieces of land, but still claim it’s safe.

Study Says Wi-Fi Makes Trees Sick

From PCWorld: “The study exposed 20 ash trees to various radiation sources for a period of three months. Trees placed closest to the Wi-Fi radio demonstrated a “lead-like shine” on their leaves that was caused by the dying of the…

A run on our water

We are in the process of losing our rivers. On top of our existing water pollution woes, the government simply does not abide by standing laws and grant coal prospecting rights along our major rivers to mining companies.

No more fish?

The end of seafood by 2048? The ocean without fish. Your meals without seafood. Imagine the global consequences.   Narrated by Ted Danson this award winning, groundbreaking film reveals the impact of overfishing on our oceans. This is the future…