An unexpected gem of a movie. One of those I picked as a “there’s nothing else left in the store, I’ve got nothing to lose” movies, but which turned out to be really good.

Excerpts from the NYT review:
“As it toys with nihilism and hurls poisoned darts at religion, medicine and self-help, it adds up to an entertaining collection of vignettes strung together by a sarcastic loudmouth whose heart is breaking under his sophomoric bravado.”

“Playing both the reckless, headstrong younger Ida and the frail but still-demanding older woman who mistakes Victor for everyone but himself when he visits, Ms. Huston gives a compelling portrayal of someone whose mind may be shredded but whose ferocious willpower remains undiminished.”

“Mr. Rockwell makes you see all the layers as well as feel the pain that lies beneath.”

Well worth it – watch out for Choke in the pink cover on the shelf.

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