Clearing the air

I recently made a post named “Goodbye lover” which I deleted following the ensuing shit storm of frantic calls & emails – several friends & family members were rather upset by not knowing the finer details of how and with whom I spent those couple of days.

I must admit that the title sounds a tad more juicy than what had actually happened, so my bad there. As for the rest, it happened some time ago and despite my best efforts it never went any further, so it really was just a “thanks for the time, it was fun while it lasted” sorta post. No hard feelings, no pointing of fingers and maybe we can do it again sometime, who knows.

As for the “who”: I don’t really care to say, else I would have done so. If you saw us together you would know, if you didn’t you wouldn’t, simple as that.

Life is really not that serious.

Now go back to work!!

What actually happened...

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