Dear Santa #2

My friend Pletterpet  will probably give a well thought out write up about this new game, but I thought I’d jump the queue and just mention it briefly.

Scribblenauts is a fancy puzzle game on a console, similar so those old Donkey Kong games, based on the new Nintendo DS console. According to Pletterpet, these go for about R1600, and I see they are R1999 at Reggies.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong

“The premise of the game is simple — you play as Maxwell, who must solve various puzzles to obtain Starites spread across 220 different levels. To execute the aforementioned solving, you write words to create objects in the world that your cartoonish hero can interact with. “

“…..Another level placed a pool of water with a shark inside between us and the Starite. While a few options may have allowed us to circumvent the shark-infested waters, we all decided to take him out. I tried dropping a sword on its head pointy-side down, but it bounced harmlessly off its thick hide. I then dropped a hair dryer into the water with more electrifying, fruitful results.”

Chris attempted to drop dynamite into the water, though the splash extinguished the fuse. He then threw waterproof C Four into the water, effectively recreating the ending of Jaws. J.C. created a Kraken, which fought with and ultimately bested the shark.

Andrew created a teleporter in an attempt to instantly apparate to the Starite — instead, it took him to a medieval world where he was besieged by shadowy assassins. He tried distracting them with candy — really, Andrew? — then created a fairly anachronistic nuke. The nuke didn’t detonate, however, so andrew created a laser rifle to take out the assassins. One of his lasers grazed the aforementioned WMD, and blew up the entire level. “

See some gameplay here

Sounds awesome. I wanted one until I saw the console price. Not sure how good the other games are, will have to keep an eye open.

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