How to pick up women

Yesterday afternoon I was having a pizza, wine & watching some movies after a very, very  long weekend.

As luck would have it the movies proved to be very educational with regards to effective ways of picking up women, I gladly share with you 2 of them:

1: Help her survive a zombie apocalypse
This is definitely not for the faint hearted, but luckily there’s a well established set of rules to make things easier. The downside is that is takes huge amounts of physical effort and you may very well end up getting eaten by monsters.

Remember rule number 2!!

2: Stab yourself in the heart
For quick and spectacular results place a knife in her hand, take it and stab yourself in the heart. The trick is obviously to first survive it, but you’re bound to score as soon as you’ve caught your breath. Being a Highlander may help with the survival bit.

Who needs Valentine’s Day!?


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