110 meters of WTF

Irene Mud Monster 1

The Irene Mud Monster has the reputation of being the worst and organisers were quoted as saying that they intend to keep the title. I’m glad I did the first one, I believe it will at least be a decent…

Hit list


Just listen to those two, both of them forgot to put up the new calendar…..tsk tsk I was slightly horrified to realise I have only climbed one single route on ClimbZA‘s trad & sport hit lists. The wife, not usually…

Pugsly’s forgotten picks

Wicked Wednesday

Give the guy a break Pugs. He’s training for the Warrior, building a new bouldering wall at that sweet indoor spot and keeping the whole domesticated vibe going too. And you should really ask him to cook you a rib…

W…T…F Emile?!


J.F.C. have you been dialing to many fax numbers bro? Have you been assimilated by a dial tone? Did you join the “staring at clouds” Facebook group? How many support group logos do you see here? Sorry for that oaks, I’ll sort the…

Random images


A big leak Rorschach test…..El saw a demon, Nea saw a Carebear. A fine afternoon while waiting for friends All work and no play