Hello Darkness my old friend

From the DailyMail: “Britain faces the first widespread power blackouts since the 1970s because of looming energy shortages, Government documents reveal. For the first time, ministers are expecting that the supply of electricity will fail to meet demand at peak…

GM Foods – SSDD

From the DailyMail:  “The big supermarkets have held secret talks to pave the way for the introduction of controversial GM crops on to their shelves, industry sources said last night. The stores banned GM ingredients more than ten years ago…

Well said….

Some random lyrics I like to kick off the weekend    “And it feels right this time On his crash course with the big time Paid no mind to the distant thunder Today filled his head with wonder… boy Then…

Shark watching

Aquarium bosses are piping the sounds of Barry White and Marvyn Gaye underwater to try to put a Zorro the shark in the mood for love.

Perhaps Zorro had a different Shark-Babe in mind?

Pet food and animal testing

Following a lot of interest in my article “Be your own test subject and while your at it, wear your own fur” I did that google thing and found some interesting stuff about pet foods. In an article on Animal Rights Africa they claim that some of our best known brands in SA are actually the worst in terms of their testing.