Sad Robot

A grotty little post dedicated to the sad people out there with no life of their own.

It appears that some are willing to spend their free time figuring out where the dingy little “local is lekker” pub is where Mr Muchness and the gang hangs out and then drive right across town for a possible glimpse of the them having some real fun.

So much for censoring my posts and pics – a wasted effort towards maintaining a small amount of privacy. I guess it’s a little like copy protection, there’s always someone willing to go to more effort (or perhaps just has nothing better to do with their time?) copying someone elses stuff than what the person who has the copy-worthy stuff is willing to do to protect it – I mean, somewhere along the line one has to have a life too, yeah?

 “I can’t turn back time nor history
So me life became a misery
I have to face me destiny
That I’m all on me own

Oh, I’m a sad, sad robot
I’m a sad, sad robot
I’m all alone”

~ Pornophonique, Sad Robot.
For the  purpose of my post, “The Sad Person’s Theme Song”

So, dearest “fan”, instead of making it harder to find me, I’ll make it easy in an attempt to just get it over with. Maybe you can then find some peace and actually have a life.

I’ll be visiting my girlfriend tonight for a while but I’ll want some peace and quiet there so no address, sorry. Tomorrow night I’ll be bouldering (the usual spot) and then go watch Black Cat Bones with the gang. Wednesdays are still movie nights (except now I take my girlfriend along) and probably do a quick paddle afterwards. Thursday – bouldering and then the protest at the Chinese embassy. Probably happy hour too. Who knows?!

Friday – dunno yet, quite a few options so far – will keep you posted. Saturday probably climbing at either Bronkies, Mutango or Magalies. Perhaps Kings Kloof, but I’m sorta bored with the place at the moment. I think Johan will want to do something at Bronkies, so that’s a good bet. Sunday the girlfriend’s got me all to herself, three’s really gonna be a crowd, so please find something else to do?

Oh, and I’m moving fairly soon, I’ll post pics, promise.

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