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Introducing Pugsly’s Picks

Yo-yo mofo’s

Since that lazy ass Emile is not posting anything on a regular basis anymore I’ll be keeping you up to date with the sweetest gigs to get to, the most excellent events. You know, those places where the people in the know go and the skanky blondes just dunno.


Three tomatoes are walking down the street…

Thank God for 5 day work weeks

After a weekend (and preceding week)  like this one needs to recover properly 😉 Lets start with last Sunday: The boulder hunting expedition (“aka Things to do while you’re trying not to worry about whether she likes you or not”) I…

Simply the best

What a killer weekend! I was pleasantly surprised on Thursday to learn that we have a long weekend, it somehow passed me by that today (Monday) is a public holiday, and there just happened to be a stunning array of…

Wrapping up the week

Went to the bouldering cave yesterday after work and had a blast, looks like I’ll be able to hook up with some nice fellows for climbing if I hang around a bit. The only downside was I finally got around to…

Friday night’s sticky situation

Since early in the evening I’ve been experiencing a feeling of emptiness. Not unlike that feeling when you’re trying to quit smoking and you want to do something, anything, keep yourself busy, yet you’re not quite sure what it is that will scratch your itch.

Of Rock and hard places

I’ve had the good fortune of having my car smashed up and making a little money by playing the insurance companies and panelbeaters off each other and then having it fixed privately. Lucrative.