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A Sticky Subject

“On Wednesday the University of Johannesburg hosted ‘Never Again’, a public meeting on the Marikana mining massacre last week. One by one, speakers made clear their disillusionment with the ANC-led government to do anything more than enrich themselves at the…

Sooner rather than later, pretty please?

We can only hope…..

“The ANC is dying, and will lose its parliamentary majority at or before the 2024 national elections, says the head of the unit for risk analysis at the SA Institute of Race Relations.”

Save the Internet

From Avaaz: Dear friends, Today could be the day we save the free Internet. We’ve flipped the White House and Congress is on the back foot. Now Wikipedia’s blackout has pushed the US web censorship bills to the top of…

It does not get more ironic than this…

http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/Politics/ANC-outraged-over-censored-Wiki-page-20111123 “Interfering with information undermines the very need of [information providers],” Khoza said. Yes. Please keep your voters as uninformed as possible.