Weekend @ Boven end of May

I popped in for a climbing quicky at Waterval Boven, and decided to try out thr Rack Rail Inn, instead of the usual camping at Tranquilitas, which is stunning, but it’s cold and I was looking for a change. I’ll cut it short & say next time I’ll try Gustav & Alex’s rooms. At the RackRail Inn I got the guesthouse as a favour, seeing it was empty. It’s big – sleeps about 12, got TV, limited DSTV and a sufficient kitchen, but it’s a bit neglected. Nothing serious, but enough so that I’d rahter try another place next time. Pity though, the place has got a lot of potential. The main inn is an old dormitory, and they serve the preset menu in the old eating hall. There’s a couple of TV rooms, bar, and pool table. The rooms are minimilistic, but neat. The food won’t kill you.

Moving on to the main menu: Wonderland. The approach we took was not the one I’m used to, but I’m soooo glad we did. Gentler walk-in, and some new climbs. Above some random shots. The drive was worth it as always. Did two interesting climbs (among the others), one with an awkward “traverse” which is really not much more than a big reach, but it felt weird & off balance, and another “Man Slaves” – probably the easiest climb I’ve climbed in ages  – all very on-balance, huge footholds, huge grips, all very positive grips, no slopers, but (for me at least) a very scary bit where you climb out under & over this protruding block with no idea what’s waiting for you on the other side. Super fun when you realise you sh#t yourself for nothing, as the easy climbing continuing for the remaining 1-2m to the chains.

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