Where to from here?

I had a some friends over for dinner again last night. It was a much simpler affair than last time but it was very good (well, it was the best fake chicken I had all day long 😉 ). Thanks Denny, Linnea & mom for the company!

Climbing again…
I hurt my hand a bit and was generally in the mood for a break anyway, so for the past couple of weeks I (we all) took it easy – no midweek bouldering or weekend climbing.

And last weekend at Bronkies it showed!! Ouch….

So it’s back to bouldering at Elna tonight. The scoring for our little competition has started and everyone is keen to push hard. It’s going to be a blast – the playing field is pretty level and everyone is giving it their best shot.

Trips coming up:
I’m very much looking forward to my first Eagle Mountain outing later this month. The whole crew is going and I’m eyeing a couple of great multi-pitch routes. We rented the coolest chalet and I imagine we’re going to have one hell of a good time.

El has organised for us to stay virtually for free at her parents place near Wellingtons Dome in July for our own little climbing meet instead of the somewhat crowded MCSA thing. We went last month but apart from the heat the road was too bad to get to the Dome itself. We had a great time nonetheless and I actually discovered a “new” climbing spot, but everyone is still psyched up for a proper multi-pitch climb at the famous Dome. And even if we don’t climb a single meter, who would complain staying at place like this?

View from the patio

The house is right on the riverside with a deck running about 20m long, if not more. In the mood for a sundowner yet? 

Douglas showing us how it's done

In August we’re going to Hazyview for a weekend, so far just me and the missus. Just a little breakaway, no climbing planned, just a little sight seeing and maybe a quick hop into the Kruger park.

Then I need to fit this unexpected surprise in somewhere:

Playing with my markers again

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